Domestic Irrigation

High Quality Manufactured Products from around the globe and Locally Owner Suppliers, Irrigation World supply a vast assortment of products for your residential needs from Jet Pressure pumps to hose tap timers, replacing Parts or a DIY project we have it all.

  • Pop Up Sprinklers and Spray Nozzles
  • Solenoid Valves
  • Gear Drives Sprinklers
  • PVC and LD poly Piping
  • Misting Sprinklers and Under Tree Bubblers
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Controllers
  • Hose Tap Timers
  • Pressure and Jet Pumps
  • Domestic water Filtration

Horticulture & Agriculture

Irrigation World Offers a Extensive range of Commercial Grade Products for every application, BSP fittings, PVC and poly Pipe, Valves, Drainage and Bore Related Pump Range to suit sporting Fields to Golf Courses, we also stock a range of Lawn/Turf Herbicides and wetting Agents.

  • Rotor Gear drive Sprinklers
  • Drip and Micro Irrigation
  • Commercial Grade Controllers
  • Industrial Valves and controlled Dosing Units
  • Herbicide’s and Lawn Additives

Commercial Landscape & Turf

Market gardens to full scale Nursery applications from dripline and Micro Irrigation systems with integrated dosing unit, disc and Media Filtration and rural and Nursery Pump Solutions , irrigation world Gives you the edge with a complete range of Parts and Accessories for your current or Future Projects.

  • Submersible and Centrifugal pumps
  • Micro Sprayers and Fittings
  • Copper Based Drip line systems
  • Inline Filtration
  • Dosing Pump systems
  • Pressure compensating Sprayers