Bow & Arrow 500ml

Bow & Arrow Herbicide is the standard for broadleaf weed control in the Australian turf industry. Bow & Arrow Herbicide provides outstanding control of broadleaf weeds in turf.   Broadleaf Read More…

Electronic Garden Hose Watering Timer

Automate your hose-end sprinklers, drip irrigation system or soaker hose for better scheduling consistency with this easy-to-use digital controller. Combining sophisticated programming flexibility along with extra rugged design for season-long Read More…

Embargo 500ml

For pre-emergent control of certain annual grasses and broadleaf weeds in Turf Embargo Herbicide is a pre-emergent herbicide that can be used as an effective tool to help Turf Managers Read More…

ESP-9V Battery-Operated Controller

Get reliable automatic irrigation control when you don’t have AC power with the ESP-9V Series Battery-Operated Controller. The ESP-9V’s waterproof case and dual-sealed battery chamber ensure long life even when installed Read More…

Lawnporn Green Light

Lawnporn Green Light is specifically formulated with a high balanced Nitrogen and added Iron to give your lawn a deep green. Use during growing season for best results and this is Read More…

Lawnporn Launch+

Lawnporn Launch+ is specially formulated for the start of growing season, lawns under repair from stress or injury and establishing new lawn. With high nutrient levels we’ve also added the Kelp Read More…

Moist 1Ltr

MOIST is a professional grade soil wetter, designed to maximise water usage and availability in the root zone of lawn. MOIST is a unique combination of powerful surfactant technologies fullfiling different roles in the water management process. Read More…

Root Builder+ 1Ltr

Root Builder+ is a premium quality natural seaweed concentrate developed specifically for turf. Freshly harvested South African seaweed Ecklonia Maxima, which has unique characteristics and is treated with a proprietary method of hormone extraction Read More…

Toro 570Z

Featuring a low-pressure seal that flushes only upon retraction, 570Z models are ideal for small garden and turf areas. Seven distinct pop-up sprinkler bodies and a host of interchangeable fixed Read More…

Bermad D200 Series

The BERMAD 200 Series plastic control valves are globe pattern (¾”-2”) or Angle pattern (1½”-2”). These control valves provide superior hydraulic performance, demonstrating state-of-the-art hydraulics and plastics technology.


Home water pressure systems suitable for single storey homes. Head up to 32m, Flow up to 120lpm. Torrium controllers on the range provide constant flow without annoying fluctuations Ideal for Read More…

Galcon Battery Operated Timer

Galcon’s 9000 series consists of battery-operated hose-end controllers that are easy to install. These user-friendly products are especially designed for very small lawn gardens and terraces. Galcon’s 9001 controllers can Read More…


Rugged, economical single stage self priming pump. These units are driven by either a Briggs & Stratton “Vanguard” engine(2 YEAR WARRANTY), a Honda GX160 engine or a Honda GX200 engine (3 YEAR WARRANTY). The GX200 engine is also available in electric start.


With the Falcon 6504 rotor, you can have it all — uncompromising performance, superior distribution, reliability and durability. Rain Curtain™ nozzles maximize performance and coverage. A multi-function wiper seal and Read More…


Rain Bird manufactures only the highest quality valves. Use DV/DVF series valves in locations where the use of a separate pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) or a double-check valve is required Read More…


The 1.6kW (2hp) Boremaster single phase pump is popular as a garden bore pump, capable of delivering 212 Litres per minute at 20 metres of head.  It has a maximum Read More…


Rugged, economical single stage self priming pump. These units are driven by either a Briggs & Stratton “Vanguard” engine(2 YEAR WARRANTY), a Honda GX160 engine or a Honda GX200 engine (3 YEAR WARRANTY). The GX200 engine is also available in electric start.


Rugged, economical single stage self priming pump. These units are driven by either a Briggs & Stratton “Vanguard” engine(2 YEAR WARRANTY), a Honda GX160 engine or a Honda GX200 engine (3 YEAR WARRANTY). The GX200 engine is also available in electric start.

Galcon Single Station Controller

The 710X is made to IP68 rating allowing it to perform in all weather conditions for irrigation control, including inside valve box. The battery operated 710X series is made for Read More…


Our PVC pressure pipes are designed to cope with high pressure in such applications as irrigation, turf watering, potable water mains and general reticulation.

If you need a size that isn’t listed please enquire within.

Flat rate shipping does not apply for this item, please enquire at 08 9256 6503 for delivery options.


Rugged, economical single stage self priming pump. These units are driven by either a Briggs & Stratton “Vanguard” engine(2 YEAR WARRANTY), a Honda GX160 engine or a Honda GX200 engine (3 YEAR WARRANTY). The GX200 engine is also available in electric start.


The 400 series of Onga Hi-flo pumps are constructed of the same corrosion-resistant materials as the bigger 140 range, so they’ll also deal well with tough circumstances. They provide water Read More…


Rain Curtain Nozzle Technology

  • Rain Curtain Nozzles standard on all 5000 Series Rotors
    • Large water droplets for greater wind resistance
    • Effective close-in watering
    • Even distribution over the entire radius
  • Tree of nozzles including four low angle (angle of trajectory 10°) and eight standard angle Rain Curtain Nozzles (angle of trajectory 25°) provides 25′ to 50′ (7.6m to 15.2m) distance of throw
  • Self-aligning nozzles

Installation and Maintenance

  • Slip clutch mechanism for quick adjustment on installation
  • Faster maintenance with a new self-cleaning arc adjustment screw
  • The 5000 Plus features a flow shut-off device to stop the flow of water to a particular head while the system is still in operation
  • Top-adjust arc adjustment requiring only a flathead screwdriver
  • Radius adjustment screw allows up to 25% radius reduction without changing nozzles

Design Solutions

  • 5000 in 4″, 6″ and 12″ available in shrub or in stainless steel
  • 5000 Series 4″ and 6″ models available in stainless steel
  • Award-winning MPR nozzle set simplifies design and installation by providing matched precipitation from 25′ to 35′ (7.6 to 10.7m)
  • Standard rubber cover for extra protection. 5000 Plus Series features a green cover while the 5000 Series features a black cover
  • 40-360° arc rotation and reversing full-circle rotation in one. (A non-reversing full-circle only unit is also available)
  • True 4″ (10 cm), 6″ (15.2 cm) and 12″ (30.5 cm) pop-up (measured from the cover to the nozzle


  • Heavy-duty cover assembly for extra durability in residential or commercial applications
  • Heavy-duty retract spring assures positive pop-down
  • Pressure-activated triple-blade multi-function wiper seal protects internals from debris and assures positive pop-up and retraction

Rainbird ESP-ME Modular Controller

Building on its predecessor—the ESP Modular—the enhanced Rain Bird® ESP-Me offers easy programming, a higher station count and new features so easy to use, you’ll actually use them. With 4- to 22-station scalability, the ESP-Me can help you better serve residential to light commercial jobs. The freedom to install the same controller on a variety of sites means you can grow your business like never before. And the more stations you add, the more you save—providing you and your customers with more value for the money.


The 3500 Series Rotor is an easy to use short to mid-range 1⁄2” gear-drive rotor, offering value and convenience for smaller turf areas and densely planted landscapes. Utilizing a simple Read More…

Rainbird ESP-RZXe Controller

The popular Rain Bird ESP Series of controllers has been expanded to provide a contractor grade irrigation controller for residential and light commercial applications. The ESP-RZX Controller provides zone based Read More…

Hunter PGJ

The PGJ was built to bring all the efficient benefits of rotary sprinklers to applications that typically call for a spray. Its many features include a rack of easy-to-install-and-change, water-efficient Read More…

Hunter I20

With its unparalleled ability to deliver water accurately and efficiently at distances up to 74 feet, the Hunter I Series is our top-of-the-line commercial rotor sprinkler and the sprinkler of Read More…


Chosen for its reliability, heavy-duty materials and versatility, the 1800 Series offers a broad selection of pop up heights and nozzle combinations for watering shrubs, small lawns and irregularly shaped Read More…

Toro Evolution Controller

The Toro® EVOLUTION™ irrigation controller is a first-of-its-kind, menu-based controller that incorporates an easy-to-understand digital interface, which pushes the technological envelope regarding simple operation and expandability.

Inspired by tablet and smart phone technology, the EVOLUTION icon-labeled control buttons allow homeowners and gardeners to perform simple actions – like “Water Now” and “Adjust” watering amount. Simple “Home” and “Help” buttons are included to aid the end user as well.

By pressing the “Advanced” button on the controller’s touch screen, landscape contractors will have access to the full power of the EVOLUTION controller including the ability to set up multiple irrigation and auxiliary schedules and create custom grow-in schedules. Operations that may otherwise overwhelm a homeowner.

Furthermore, easy to use software allows the user to program everything at a computer. Simply use a standard USB drive to transfer programming to one or more controllers in a matter of seconds. The USB drive also provides controller logging functionality to save an operation log for diagnostic purposes. Software and a controller manual can be downloaded for free at

Hunter PGP

The PGP® is Hunter’s original product—the item that put the company on the map in 1981. Its exceptional design and impressive performance placed the rotor a cut above back then, Read More…


Hunter Pro-Spray sprinkler heads are engineered to ensure long-lasting, reliable performance in residential applications. Available in heights from shrub to 30 cm, Pro-Spray heads feature durable construction that is second Read More…

Hunter Pro-C

Since 2001, the Pro-C has been the contractor’s choice in residential irrigation control. The Pro-C has proven to be the most reliable and robust controller in the industry, with the Read More…

100MM Poly Camlock

Made from Polypropylene, these camlock fittings are recommended for use with Fire Fighting pumps and where you want to connect or disconnect fittings easily and quickly. Simple to install, just Read More…

Hunter PS Ultra

This compact slim-line spray sprinkler comes in 5 cm, 10 cm, and 15 cm models. Its innovative body incorporates a reliable two-piece ratchet, durable cap, male-threaded riser, and large filter Read More…

Hunter X-Core

This entry-level residential controller offers simple operation with “smart” Solar Sync compatibility. With easy-to-configure control for up to 8 stations, including 3 programs and 4 start times each, the X-Core Read More…

Hunter Node

For isolated sites or power-restricted areas, the Hunter Node is the smart, reliable solution. The Node mounts to a valve solenoid quickly and easily, and without screws, drills or additional Read More…


  The Richdel 2400 Series Control is the world?s largest selling irrigation valve and still the favourite of contractor sand designers the world over. The threaded nyglass bonnet design permits Read More…