Cobra Clamps

The NORMACLAMP® COBRA hose clamp is a reliable connector for hose / pipe systems. Developed initially for automobile equipment, it can be used in all fields of industry.

In the industrial sector, it provides a secure connection for washing machine hoses, hoses in irrigation systems or pneumatic lines. The NORMACLAMP® COBRA hose clamp is a one-piece hose clamp of stainless steel, manufactured in a strip width range of 7mm, 8mm and 9mm.

Delivered open, it is positioned onto the hose connection system and closed using either hand-held pliers or compressed air pliers. The low overall height allows precise assembly even in cramped conditions.

With the low profile design and all stainless steel construction, Cobra hose clamps are designed to compensate for changing weather and pressure changes. The central locking position provides improved sealing against unintentional opening and failure of the clamp.



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13mm, 16/17mm, 25mm

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