FairwayMax Mini 22-0-19 + 2% Fe


A premium 150 SGN mini prill sports turf fertiliser, containing upfront and multiple controlled release sources of nitrogen present as PSCU and methylene urea for optimum release rate and turf growth. Also contains potassium in plant available and coated forms for sustained nutrient availability. Suitable for use on low cut sports fields, fairways, tees and amenity turf situations. Formulated in Australia, for local conditions.

FairwayMax Mini is the latest development in Nuturf’s Plant Nutrition range. Formulated with multiple forms of controlled release nitrogen as well as controlled release potassium, FairwayMax Mini provides the plant with sustained and uniform growth response for up to 18 weeks after application. These specially formulated blends provide the turf plant with a reliable and consistent source of nitrogen and potassium no matter the conditions. The 150 SGN mini prill further enhances product performance through optimised nutrient uniformity and improved application flexibility. Rate:

2.3 kg/ 100 square metres


FairwayMAX-Mini MSDS

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