Holman PRO469 Controller



Designed for residential & light commercial applications the PRO469 has six individual programs to allow for efficient watering of turf and garden areas, on seperate watering programs. Along with HOLMAN’s RSR_x0099_ technology allowing individual stations to be under sensor control, this controller sets a benchmark for automatic watering. The feature packed PRO469 controller is quite easy to use with simple dial selection and programming sequence including a P button to jump directly to the program you require. Avoiding endless scrolling through other functions to find what you need. Rain Sensor Ready_x0099_ – This controller is equipped with HOLMAN’s innovative Rain Sensor Ready (RSR_x0099_) Technology. The PRO469 bascially interacts with a standard rain sensor to determine if there has been adequate rainfall to suspend automatic watering. The two key features of RSR_x0099_ technology is the individual station selection & the rain sensor delay. Indivudual stations can be assigned to be controlled by the sensor or not. Great for watering undercover areas whilst excluding areas affected by rainfall. The rain sensor delay is a feature that allows you to program a delay time starting from when the sensor indicate it’s wet. This is used when the sensor dries out before watering is required, rather than adjust your sensor, simply enter a delay time that suits your specific landscape requirement.

Additional information

Weight -7 kg

6 Station Outdoor, 9 Station Outdoor

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