Puretec BoreSafe 20kgs


Puretec BoreSafe is a safe, easy to apply biodegradable chemical designed specifically to break down the iron build-up in the bore itself, the bore pump and pipework. BoreSafe eliminates the rusty slime, unpleasant odours, orange brown staining and other deposits. Boresafe breaks down the iron so that the water can flow freely again and it reduces the strain that blockages can put on your pump.

Symptoms of Iron build up are: Lower pressure, Orange/Brown stain on the fence or pathways

Iron build up can effect any bore and is particularly bad in some areas in comparrison to others. The iron can build up and clog the screens at the bottom of the bore itself, which would limit the water being able to be sucked through the screen and also cause an orange/brown stain to be present wherever the water from your sprinklers hits.

If you are experiencing iron build up, then Puretec has the product for you.

BoreSafe comes in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg buckets.

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