Puretec Carbon Block Filter Cartridge EC951


It is important to keep your Puretec water filters working to the best of it’s ability. To do so, remember to keep up to date with replacing your cartridges as they can often become clogged over time, especially if the water being filtered is high in micro-organisms.

Does the water you require filtered have high levels of chlorine, odour and tastes poorly? Then the Carbon Block Filter cartridge is for you, just make sure the Filter system you use will fit correctly with the measurements below.

The Puretec EC Series cartridges can be used with many liquids and are very effective for Chlorine, odour and taste removal. EC Series cartridges are manufactured entirely from NSF 42 Tested and Certified Materials making them an ideal choice for a wide range of residential, food service, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Rating: 0.5 micron
  • Size: 10 Inch
  • Min/Max Temperature: 0-60 degrees C
  • Min/Max Pressure: 100-800 kPa
  • Min/Max Flow: 0-14Lpm
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