Puretec TankSafe Rainwater Tank Purifier


Puretecs TankSafe Rainwater Tank Purifier is the perfect solution to anyone who has a rainwater tank where they find foul taste or fear the water may not be safe to drink. Although rainwater may start out as pristine, it does not take long to become contaminated with micro-organisms, especially if it has sat in the tank for some time or has been left untreated. This will cause the water to become stagnant, smelly and undrinkable.

Thankfully, Puretec has designed a treatment in which uses no harmful toxic chemicals, is low cost, easy to apply and also easy to monitor. The result from using this treatment on your tank will be clean, safe and great tasting rainwater acquired freely from nature.

No harmful residue is left after treatment

Treatment lasts 2 months

Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria

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