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Toro 570 MPR Plus Spray Nozzles – True matched precipitation rates and colour coding by radius are just a few of the performance features of 570 MPR Plus spray nozzles. Fits any 570 pop-up body, shrub adaptor, riser extender or shrub riser.

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5-Q-PC, 5-T-PC, 5-H-PC, 5-TQ-PC, 5-TT-PC, 5-F-PC, 8-Q-PC, 8-T-PC, 8-H-PC, 8-TT-PC, 8-TQ-PC, 48-F-PC, 10-Q-PC, 10-T-PC, 10-TT-PC, 10-H-PC, 10-TQ-PC, 10-F-PC, 12-Q-PC, 12-T-PC, 12-H-PC, 12-TT-PC, 12-TQ-PC, 12-F-PC, 15-Q-PC, 15-T-PC, 15-H-PC, 15-TT-PC, 15-TQ-PC, 15-F-PC

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